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Club Qashqai is the portal where you will find all the information available online about Nissan Qashqai. Images, news, videos, wallpapers... and with time, a large community of friends. Go for it and register!

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Latest news about Nissan Qashqai

Nissan unveils Qashqai civil protection

Workers were yesterday Chantada lumps like a child with new shoes. And no wonder.

Can not say if Father Christmas was late or the wise men came forward to them. Although all indications are that the new Nissan Qashqa i drove it yesterday brought the Regional Minister of Presidency and Public Administracións Xustiza, Alfonso Rueda by Environmental Compensation Fund. They are, yes, the only ones enjoying the new car.

The Regional Minister yesterday presented sixty vehicles Civil Protection to the mayors of many municipalities in Galicia including also Taboada, Carballedo OR Begin and Quiroga. The vehicles delivered by President belong to the Nissan Qashqai, a crossover, or SUV modern, short for Sport Utility Vehicle - with four-wheel drive, a diesel engine of 150 horsepower and are equipped with the latest technology for development work relating to environmental control.

In this sense, have different devices for collecting samples and theoretically, are able to act to cases of waste and landfills. These vehicles are specially designed and equipped to work in municipalities with high population dispersion, in which the ...

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Test Nissan Qashqai 2.0 dCi 150 hp - MotorGiga

I leave an interesting test of the Nissan Qashqai 2.0 dCi 150hp in Castilian, with the help of the guys from MotorGiga.

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Nissan Qashqai interior

Continue filling the site with more pictures of the Nissan Qashqai, this time going to the inside of the first version of 2008.

imágenes del interior (9 images)

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The first images of Nissan Qashqai

Gradually we will be completing the galleries section with all the pictures you have the Nissan Qashqai, today we look back to the day when Nissan first showed his photographs of the Qashqai.

color rojo (11 images)

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color gris (10 images)

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Nissan Qashqai Concept

Today we officially started the Nissan Qashqai Club. Although we did show a hint of a club a year ago due to technical difficulties we had to postpone it until now. Little by little we will be filling the web for news, videos, images and analysis that we find online and in turn we will create a great family environment to the forum. I hope you like it and you feel comfortable within the club!

Well, what better way to start the web that preliminary designs used to create the Nissan Qashqai.

concept inicial (10 images)

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